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High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy: Chronic vs. Gestational Hypertension Why the Difference Matters

Gestational Hypertension Chronic Hypertension What Is the Difference Between Chronic Hypertension and Gestational Hypertension? Can Hypertension Affect My Pregnancy? How Can Hypertension Affect My Baby? Will I Be Monitored…
Bacterial Vaginosis: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments

Bacterial Vaginosis: Unraveling the Mystery Behind Causes, Symptoms, and Effective Treatments

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) occurs when there is an overgrowth of certain bacteria in the vagina. This causes an imbalance that leads to vaginal inflammation.

Improving Your Mood with Food: The Powerful Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health

A diet rich in plant-derived foods, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, has been associated with a more positive mood and reduced anxiety. Processed, fast, and fried foods are strongly associated with depression and anxiety.
Woman in doctor's office smiling

Unlocking the Power of Your Doctor-Patient Connection

Introduction Bias in the HealthCare System Impact of Patient-Physician Relationship Five Tips to Consider When Examining Your Relationship with Your Doctor. Do you feel heard? Makes eye contact, not multitasking. Not a lecture…

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The Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test

The Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test

This Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT) will assist in determining if you have a drinking problem?
Healthy Drinker Quiz

Healthy Drinker Quiz

Can you spot the Healthy Drinker in these 4 Examples?
Alcoholism: How Much is Too Much?

Alcoholism: How Much is Too Much?

The answer to how much alcohol is too much is not as simple as stating a certain number of drinks.

11 Red Flags That You Have a Drinking Problem

Do you have a drinking problems? If you experience any one of these 11 red flags, you may be an unhealthy drinker.

Women’s Medical Tips

Today’s women are busier than ever. We live in a world where sound information is needed quickly. Our bodies endure daily stress, pressure and often health challenges that only women face. It is critical that we take the time to learn how to care for our physical and emotional body as we move through womanhood in our lives.

  • Remember the 1st of every month conduct a self-breast exam. If you discover a lump or have a concern, contact your doctor.

  • Did you schedule your yearly OB/GYN appointment? Make it your birthday gift to yourself to stay healthy.

  • Remember to drink plenty of water, get 8 hours of sleep and have a healthy diet so keep your body running at full speed.

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Weight Matters – Achieve and (Maintain) a Healthy Body Weight

Losing weight is hard. Be kind to yourself during your weight loss journey. Give yourself credit for your efforts and stay focused on the positive.
Pregnant woman with NST straps

Pain Management Options in Labor

Fewer than 1% of women experience no pain during childbirth. Knowing all your pain management options in labor can help you plan and prepare for your birthing experience. This knowledge helps reduce fears or anxiety you may feel in anticipation of this milestone.
Endometriosis-Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Endometriosis: Your Complete Guide: Endo Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Endometriosis, or endo as it is sometimes called, is a medical condition in which endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterine ...
High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Blood pressure is the amount of force your heart uses to allow your blood to circulate. You want this number to be just right...

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