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Weight Matters – Achieve and (Maintain) a Healthy Body Weight

Losing weight is hard. Be kind to yourself during your weight loss journey. Give yourself credit for your efforts and stay focused on the positive.
Pregnant woman with NST straps

Pain Management Options in Labor

Fewer than 1% of women experience no pain during childbirth. Knowing all your pain management options in labor can help you plan and prepare for your birthing experience. This knowledge helps reduce fears or anxiety you may feel in anticipation of this milestone.
Endometriosis-Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Endometriosis: Your Complete Guide: Endo Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

Endometriosis, or endo as it is sometimes called, is a medical condition in which endometrial tissue, which normally lines the uterine ...
High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

High Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Blood pressure is the amount of force your heart uses to allow your blood to circulate. You want this number to be just right...