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Reach women who have joined our community to have a better and healthier life.  We have multiple options to serve your advertising needs from the homepage, footer placement to placing your brand right alongside the articles as the readers enjoy our information.

Place your ad directly on our article pages. There are multiple ways we can ensure your brand is seen from landing pages and article formats. Custom packages are available which provide several different sizes and placements across MyObMD.

MyObMD Advertising Policies

MyObMD policies help advertisers and partners learn what is and isn’t allowed in them. We require our advertisers and partners to comply with MyObMD Advertising Policies at all times. These policies apply across MyObMD Advertising’s networks, including: Search, Social or Display.

We take user safety and security seriously. We strive to provide a safe online environment for our users and our partners. We reserve the right to reject or remove any ad or campaign that violates our policies or suspend your access to the MyObMD Advertising Network if we suspect that you willfully or repeatedly violated our terms or policies, or if we detect activities that are unlawful or that pose a risk to user safety or the health and quality of our network (for example, behavior intended to circumnavigate system checks, suspicious payment activity, and repeated policy violations). You may not be able to resume your ad campaigns unless you resolve the violation to our satisfaction.

Advertising keeps MyObMD and our content you read free of charge. We work hard to make sure that ads are safe, unobtrusive, and as relevant as possible. We do not allow pop-up ads on MyObMD, and we’ll terminate the account of anyone who violates our policies – including ads leading to or containing malware or ads that attempt to misuse your personal information.

What determines the MyObMD ads that I see?

Many decisions are made to determine which ad you see.

Sometimes the ad you see is based on the current or past content you have viewed. Your IP address is usually a good indication of your approximate location.

Sometimes the ad you see is based on the context of a page. If you’re looking at a page about VBAC, you might see ads for VBAC.

Sometimes you might also see an ad on the web that’s based on your app activity or activity on Google services; an in-app ad that’s based on your web activity; or an ad based on your activity on another device.

Why am I seeing ads by MyObMD for content I’ve viewed?

You may see ads for content you previously viewed. For this to work, MyObMD either reads a cookie that’s already in your browser or places a cookie in your browser assuming your browser lets this happen.